Discover Moleskine Balance
Discover Moleskine Balance

Discover Moleskine Balance

The visual timeline of your day.

Balance combines Routines, Goals, and Reminders in a beautiful easy-to-use app giving you highlights and stats about how you spend your time every day.

Here you will find tips, shortcuts, and more to get the most from your Moleskine Balance experience.

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  • Import calendar events from Google & more
  • Sync with Apple Health
  • Customize alerts for your activities
  • Set goals to help you better plan your day
  • Custom activities with illustrations drawn for you by our artists: choose between 20+ custom illustrations for each activity (more artworks coming at each release)
  • Activity ratings and notes to keep track and reflect on how you feel, creating a journal of your progress
  • Stats to track your activities over time to see how your habits and routines evolve

User Guide

Moleskine Balance will:

  • help you find out which activities you engage with the most and which ones give you the most energy and motivation
  • make you more aware of your habits so you get to know yourself better
  • encourage you to improve the organization of your time week after week thanks to beautiful graphs and data insights
  • push you to value every moment of your life and consciously choose where to invest your time based on your goals
  • make room for your mind to breathe and let inspiration in!
Moleskine Balance is more than just a visual planner it’s a compass for your life.