Using Moleskine Balance for Timeboxing

Using Moleskine Balance for Timeboxing

Moleskine Balance is a very flexible app that will be useful both if you need to get things done and also if you need to track how you spend your time.

Anytime you create an activity with a specific time, it will place inside your daily timeline and the app will show you all the free time you have at your disposal to put some activity that you’d like to accomplish.

Everything is built towards the idea to give you a better way to accomplish a more balanced and healthy life, full both of the things you have to do (work, meetings) and the things you love to do (spend time with your family, learning a new language, do some sport etc…).

Most of the time, being aware of how you spend your day, it helps you to find time for the most enjoyable things in your life.  That’s the reason behind Moleskine Balance.

In order to get the most out of Balance regarding timeboxing, follow these simple steps.

  1. Once you’ll start using Moleskine Balance, you’ll have a day that will look something like the video below. Tap on one of the free times to easily add activity into that time range.
  2. Tap on 2h free time
  3. Create a new activity regarding something you like to do or choose one from the ideas list
  4. Tap on the time slot under Free time selected to automatically set the activity time to fill the entire free time slot you tap at the beginning