Being aware of your time. Statistics

Being aware of your time. Statistics

It’s not really worth the effort to record your satisfaction and energy level, or mark something as completed if there isn’t a place where we can get some good hint from the app regarding our balance, is it?

There are two different sections for statistics in Moleskine Balance, one with a general view on your day and week, the other one specific to a single activity. Let’s start with the first one

  1. Tap on the yellow pie chart icon on the top
  2. Now you have two tabs, specific to the current day or week you’re in
  3. Look at all the charts, data, and scores Balance gives to your days

The other stats view is specific to an activity, follow these steps to access to it

  1. Tap on an activity and open the specific bottom sheet
  2. Once there, tap on the tab “Stats
  3. You’ve accessed the stats are relative to a specific activity. Now choose a specific date for the calendar to filter by navigating the four icons, respectively calendar, satisfaction, energy, and amount accomplished
  4. Scroll down and also have a look at the streak information and satisfaction and energy line chart