How to create recurrences

How to create recurrences

Moleskine Journey allows you to create recurrences using different items:

  • Events
  • Task lists


With Moleskine Journey you are able to manage device events, but the app needs calendar permissions.

To create a recurring event follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” button present in the main screen
  2. Click “Event
  3. Choose a title for the event (ex. Recurring Event)
  4. Click “Repeat” and select repetition
  5. Click “End Repeat” and select the end of the repetition
  6. Edit the other options if needed
  7. Click “Add” to save the event


Task Lists

In Moleskine Journey you can create different types of recurring task lists:

  1. Task lists with recurring tasks
  2. Task lists with custom display recurrence
What’s the difference?
  1. The first ones will be displayed every day but the tasks will be repeated following their frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
  2. The second ones will be displayed following their custom recurrence but the tasks inside will not be repeated

Task lists with recurring tasks

When you tap the “+” button from the main screen you can choose 4 different types of task lists with recurring tasks:

  • Daily routines
  • Weekly list
  • Monthly goals
  • Year’s Resolutions


When you select one of these journals you are taken to the options screen. Here you can choose two different types of automation:

  1. Automatically repeat tasks (auto-copy): if enabled, all tasks will be automatically copied from the previous day/week/month/year to the current one (see also ROUTINES. Create lists that repeat their tasks every day.)
  2. Auto move unfinished tasks (auto-move): if enabled, tasks will be automatically move the unfinished tasks from the previous day/week/month/year to the current one (see also 🚗Auto-move the unfinished tasks (Only for List, Blank Journal, and Project))

One you choose one of these two options you can decide to end hide this journal after a specific date (clicking on Until) or Never.

If you need a notification to remind you to complete or create your entries you can enable the Switch near What time? and choose a specific time in which you would receive a notification every day.


After clicking Save you will create a list that will be displayed every day and will automatically copy or move the tasks as you pass from one day/week/month/year to another created in the previous day/week/month/year. This list will be shown every day until the end date (or forever if you chose to never end the repetition).


We create a “Monthly Goals” list with automatically repeat tasks option enabled, on the first of February. This list will be displayed every day. If you add some tasks during February they will be displayed together inside the list. All the tasks created during February will be automatically copied to the next month when we will be on the first day of March.

The tasks are copied/repeated when the day changes, this automation affects only the latest day's tasks (to manually copy tasks in a different day at once you can use the “Copy tasks…” buttons in the three dots menu). Tasks are not copied exactly at midnight, the automations are set to be completed within 3AM.

Task Lists with custom recurrence

From the “+” button present on the main screen you can create a simple task list by choosing the “List” template.

Once you click List you will be able to select the display recurrence of this task list. You can also choose when it should stop repeating.


After clicking Save the new task list will be available to be filled. It will be displayed following its recurrence and, if you want, it can automatically move uncompleted tasks to the next day (following the recurrence). To do it, simply open the List and tap the 3 points at the bottom right.


We create a “Task List” with automatically move unfinished tasks option enabled, that repeats every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. This list will be displayed following this repetition. If you add some tasks on Wednesday, if you don’t complete some of them by the end of Wednesday they will automatically be moved to Friday when we will be at midnight of Friday.