Our goal is to respect your privacy and keep your data secure. Our apps are supported by our user’s memberships, not by selling your data.

We send anonymized tracking events to analytics services to help us understand general trends in usage and performance of various features in the apps or anonymized data about the number and type of errors encountered by users so we can fix them. We don’t send anything personally identifiable nor intended to be used outside the scope of the service, by us or third parties.

Please feel free to write us at to discuss your concerns and to help us understand what you think we can do better.

How is my privacy protected? What security measures do you implement?

Journey is a cloud service that can be used on iOS, iPad, Mac, Android and on the web. It allows you to have all of your data backed up, synchronized, and available on multiple platforms (We're working to extend it on even more platforms).

Data are stored on our servers as we support both iOS and Web platforms (we’re working on the Android version of the service), iCloud would prevent us to offer the service cross platform.

All communication between clients and server are encrypted using HTTPS, server disks are encrypted at rest and files are stored encrypted in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Contents are managed automatically from the software to be served to each client, no human is involved unless explicitly permission is granted for specific cases, such as solving a support case.

Content is not end-to-end encrypted so that we can provide you added value on the data, for example full text search on the web app, but we're planning to add a per content encryption option.

We do not share nor sell any information to third party and we sustain the business using the subscription revenues, we care about data privacy and safety as you do.

Here you can find our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, you can find them also on the store page. Please feel free to ask us any questions about them.