Mol-E: the AI assistant that takes care of your ideas

Mol-E: the AI assistant that takes care of your ideas

Mol-E is our AI assistant, it is designed to make the process of adding content to Journey faster and more efficient by converting your voice into tasks, lists, reminders, and journal entries. Mol-E it will also organize your contents in the appropriate journal or project.

Mol-E also allows you to create content directly from your Apple Watch. You can access it through the Watch App or by adding the complication to your Watch Face.

Currently Mol-E supports only English and Italian, but we are working hard to expand to other languages soon.


Convert voice to tasks, lists, and journal entries Mol-E's primary goal is to make your life easier by converting what you’re saying into actionable items.

No need to worry about jotting down your tasks or reminders by hand anymore! With Mol-E, just speak your words, and it will instantly transform them into well-organized tasks or reminders.

Tasks or Reminders

  • "Set a reminder for my doctor's appointment at 10 AM."
  • "Remind me to book a hotel for my holiday in Ibiza."
  • "I have to renew my passport."

Mol-E goes beyond just tasks and reminders. It can assist you in creating comprehensive lists effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.

Task Lists

  • "A list of activities to reduce stress."
  • "Call the travel agency in one hour and the insurance at 4 PM."
  • "What ingredients should I buy to make delicious fruit tarts?"
  • "Buy pasta, yogurt, and cheese."

Unleash your inner writer with the journaling capabilities of Mol-E. Record your best moments, insightful thoughts, or simply things you want to remember without the hassle of manually writing them down.


  • "I met up with an old friend for lunch, and we had a blast sharing the news."
  • "I took a long walk along the beach and watched a lovely sunset."
  • "Today I tried some delicious lasagna. Briefly describe how to cook it and record it in my diary."

Mol-E also assists in note-taking, ensuring every essential detail is captured flawlessly.


  • "The table is 75 cm high, 90 wide, and 1 meter long."
  • "The wall facing the kitchen would look prettier if it were teal."
  • "A recommendation on a book to read with a brief description of the plot."

Customization and preferences

Mol-E tries to automatically add your contents to the most appropriate journal or project, but you can customize the destination of the contents to make sure they reflect the way you organize it.

Tap on the three dots menu at the top of the Mol-E menu and select “Settings”. You will be able to select a preferred destination for each kind of content.


If you leave it “Automatic” the destination will be decided (and created if not present) by the AI.

Mol-E will also learn from the choice and corrections you provide when interacting with it.